Watch Selena Gomez judge her fetus self in her very first audition tape

BB Sel, meet full-grown Sel.

We’ve all been there. You’re clicking through your first Facebook photos and the amount of cringe you experience is enough to make you want to delete those fetus pictures straight from the interwebs, which is what you do.

As for celebs, well... it's not so simple.

During an appearance on a French TV show, Selena Gomez was forced to relive her painful twelvie days.

Sel’s first audition tape for Disney Channel, shot back in 2003 when bae was 11, was played right before her very eyes.

And let’s just say she really wasn’t feeling her younger self, in particular the grey poncho she decided to wear.

Le lolz.

Check out a full-grown Sel judge a mini Sel in the hilarious clip above!

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