9 of the most ~iconic~ Serena van der Woodsen moments in Gossip Girl history

It’s time to walk down memory lane because Blake Lively turns 29 today, XOXO babes.

By Isha Bassi

It’s been four sad years since Gossip Girl wrapped up and took a piece of our heart with it.

But, it’s time to walk down memory lane because super-sweet and super-adorable Blake Lively has just turned 29.

As a birthday treat, DOLLY decided to count down Serena van der Woodsen's best and sassiest moments from Gossip Girl.

1. The college smack down.

Solving differences via cat fights is about as exciting as it gets, ESPECIALLY when it involves Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. But this time Serena totally one-upped Blair, showing up at her dream college, Yale, charming the Dean to secure the last invite to his private party, and proving that she’s just as cunning and smart as B.

2. The designer debutante.

Remember when Serena casually modelled at New York Fashion Week for Eleanor Waldorf? We do, and we also totally remember Blair’s attempt to sabotage by giving Serena the wrong dress. Girl totally rocked it though and looked AMAZING.

3. The backstabbing hockey all-star.

Another Blair and Serena fight, but this time with hockey sticks. Pretty entertaining, right? Being the leggy blonde that she is, Serena totally knocked out Blair leaving her the winner (well for that episode anyway).

4. The gorgeous peacemaker.

Coming off another Blair and Chuck war, Nate and Serena do the only thing two reasonable young adults can: they make them sign a literal peace treaty. All's fair in love and war, right?

5. The queen in designer armour.

As usual Nate got himself into a sticky situation involving an older, married lady named Katherine who coincidentally ended up being at the same party he and Serena were attending. Never one to be a bad friend, Serena locked lips with the dreamiest man of GG to make Katherine suuuuper jealous.

6. The friend who's there when she's needed.

Let’s be honest. The best moments of GG weren’t when Serena and Blair were feuding; it was when they were there for each other when they hit rock bottom. The episode where Serena convinces Blair to stay and not run away to France is hands down friendship goals.

7. The girl who was never just a pretty face.

Once again proving she’s not just a pretty face, Serena blew our minds when she became a columnist for The New York Spectator. With her own blog titled ‘S by S’, Serena was competing with our very own Gossip Girl for readers. You go, girl!

8. The fashion guru we wished we all were.

Serena was always slaying with her fashion choices and looked ready to hit the runway. There’s way too much choice, but our fave outfit defs has to be the bridesmaid dress she wore to Lily and Bart’s wedding. Soooo beautiful!! heart eyes emoji

9. The relationship goals we wish we had.

The boy from Brooklyn and the beautiful Upper East Side socialite. What could be more perfect and romantic than that? And yes, we know Dan and Serena weren’t the ~perfect~ couple but they defs had their adorable moments.

Happy birthday Queen Serena, well, Blake Lively! XOXO.