Shawn Mendes just confirmed his relationship status

And we’re high-key FREAKING OUT!

By Matt Galea
Shawn Mendes just confirmed his relationship status

Shawn Mendes is known for his super sweet love jams.

All of his songs are either about falling IN love or falling OUT OF love, so while its obvi that the boy has had his fair share of baes, we weren’t quite sure of whether or not he currently has a girl.

But we now have the answer!

A nosey Twitter user started a poll to see if peeps thought that Shawn had a girlfriend.

One fan responded, suggesting that Shawn totally has a bae rn, but the 18-year-old was quick to dispel this rumour.

”@mendesftastrid I don`t think he has a gf, but he probably is interested in someone. That`ll be new music inspiration tho so I`m good,” the fan wrote.

”Haha no GF rn!” Shawn responded.

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Quickly, everyone! Slide into his DMs before a hot af celeb does!