We've found Shawn Mendes' twin who sounds EXACTLY LIKE HIM

Watch him sing 'Mercy' on The Voice audition.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Mark Isaiah sounds exactly like Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes had humble beginnings, starting out as a Vine star and gaining his HUGE following online. Now, he's about to kick off his 'Illuminate' world tour, and we're like, so frikken' proud.

But as Shawn goes off into the world of stardom, there might be brand-new Mendes in the making.

Meet Mark Isaiah, 19-year-old contestant on The Voice US and try not to fall in love with him too fast.

Mark sang Shawn's own song 'Mercy', and just like us Gwen Stefani lost her absolute marbles at his voice (and probs how cute he is too).

"I honestly can't believe you're not signed already. Your voice sounds so modern, it sounds like radio," Gwen told Mark, Alicia Keys adding, "Your voice is so dope, you have a lot of emotion in you and it really, really was amazing and I'm so glad that you're on the show."

K, we're calling it. This guy is going to make it BIG and he's already got us as a huge fan.

Now imagine him meeting Shawn and collaborating. It's too much.