You'll never guess who stars in Nick Jonas' new music video 'Under You'

Hint: you already love her.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Nick Jonas' new and hawwwt album Last Year Was Complicated is out on June 10 - TOMORROW - and we are super-keen.

Just to tease us, Nick shared this Instagram post from his Under You film clip with one leggy-looking BAE, which left us guessing who it might be...

^ Check out that caption

Did you spot the hint?! Notice how the 'A' is capitalised? If your mind has quickly jumped to Pretty Little Liars then you're on track, because that's Shay Mitchell y'all.

Shay shared a snippet of the clip on her Twitter, and boy she is looking #FIRE.

The film clip looks super-luxe and we are literally counting down the hours until it's unveiled.

It seems like our fave liar is branching out from the popular TV show, not only just starring in the movie Mother's Day but landing a role in the new thriller movie Cavader.

She'll play a cop that takes a graveyard shift in the morgue of a hospital. NGL that sounds very PLL to us. Anyway...

She comes across a massacred body which then somehow leads her to witnessing a bunch of violent murders. Sounds pleasant doesn't it?

Did we also mention Shay is on the cover of the new issue of DOLLY? Our this Monday, June 13!