Simon Cowell is hating on Niall Horan’s solo career


By Sammy Stewart

Simon Cowell, 1D’s ~former~ boss man has a few things to say about precious Niall Horan’s AMAZING debut as a solo artist, none of which are kind.

Since this hiatus has begun, Uncle Si’s been making sassy comments left, right and center about his boys doing their own thing.

I made u
I made u

Last week Neil released his HECK OF A TUNE This Town, which hit #10 on the UK charts, which is pretty darn amazing for ¼ of One Direction.

While the entire world was celebrating Niall's success, Simon Cowell was having a sulk in the corner and reckons Niall would’ve been ~more~ successful if he stayed with SyCo instead of jumping ship and signing it to Capital Records.

“Niall probably would have had a No.1 single if he'd stayed with me," Simon told the Daily Star like a scorned lover.

The shade didn’t stop there, with Simon adding: “But you know who does have the top spot this week? James Arthur.

"I'm pleased he's back with us with a fantastic record. Hashtag loyalty."


Simon, pls chill.