Simon Cowell has delivered the 1D news Directioners have been waiting for…


By Sammy Stewart

You guys, we need to talk about One Direction.

Now that Harry’s off making a movie, Liam’s settling down with Chezza, Louis a dad and Niall’s embarking on the golf career of the millennium, the whole ~getting the band back together~ issue has really been taking its toll on us.

So, are the boys actually going to get back together 1Day?

1D mastermind and ruler Mr Simon Cowell, chatted with E! News about the issue explaining, “They're all doing their own thing at the moment.”

He added: “Harry’s doing a movie. Liam's now dating Cheryl and he's writing songs for some of our artists. Louis, I saw a couple weeks ago. He did something with me recently on the show, which will come out. Niall, I got a text from last night. So everyone's in a good place.”

BUT before his short interview came to an end, Simon DID have something incredibly ~hopeful~ to say about the fate of the band. WATCH the clip above and get the party poppers ready: