Simon Cowell says One Direction will “never get over” Zayn’s departure </3

Ronan Keating also reckons Zayn will “regret it”

Ugh, that was painful to write.

holds back tears & and starts listening to 1D’s Spaces**

Simon Cowell has confirmed what we already knew- there will forever be an empty space where Zayn once was.

Speaking to US talk show Extra, Simon went into detail about how the band will never quite be the same.

warning: Major feel inducing words ahead

“Well, I don't think they'll ever be over it completely because they started off as a five piece, so they're always going to miss him...but it happens."

To add to the blatantly obvious pain all of us Directioners are slowly recovering from, Ronan Keating (Boyzone alumni) talked to HeatWorld about pressure cookers and Zayn’s big mistake.

"I know what a pressure cooker being in a band like that can be. I felt like that too - I had to get out. But I don't think he should have left. I think he should have taken a break instead. Because he will regret it."

~HE WILL REGRET IT~- Hear that, Zayn?

"It's a great band, a great opportunity. He's a young lad, I think he will regret it." Ronan added.

And Ronan would know.

Oh Zayny boy, considering you actually can’t release any actual music for two years, we’re just giving you a subtle reminder that there will always be room on the 1D couch for you.