Getting the goss from Smosh

DOLLY speaks to the hilar vlogger duo about what makes an awesome YouTube channel, dealing with online haters and their upcoming flick.

Congrats on your film! How did it all happen!?

IAN: “Our viewers have been asking for it for years and one day AwesomenessTV came to our company and were like “hey, we’d like to make a movie with Smosh” and we all thought that it would be freaking awesome!”

What can we expect from Smosh: The Movie?

ANTHONY: “So in the movie, I find out that an embarrassing video of me has leaked onto the internet so in order to have the video taken down, we go directly into YouTube through a portal and change it from the inside.”

So it’s centred around YouTube?

ANTHONY: "Yeah, its an alternate reality version of our lives because we’re very much centred around creating content online and that’s where we got started so it just felt right to have YouTube be a central part of the movie plot.”

You guys have jumped from the computer screen to the big screen and I’ve noticed that there’s a bit of trend with that happening right now. Do you see YouTube eventually taking over Hollywood?

ANTHONY: "I think what’s happening is that a lot of people are realising that people that create content online actually having a very big following and they’re actually starting to become respected so if you are on YouTube and you want to create a movie then you’re actually able to find funding and people to support you.”

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

ANTHONY: "All of our YouTube guest stars are our friends like Jenna Marbles, Harley Morenstein, Markiplier, Dominic and Dtrix.”

You have an amazing 35 million subscribers! What do you think it is that has everyone so hooked on you guys?

IAN: “Anthony and I have been friends since sixth grade and what our viewers see is just two guys making videos and having fun and I think everybody can relate to just messing around with their friends.”

Do you ever deal with like online trolls?

ANTHONY: "Anyone that creates content online is going to deal with some form of trolls or hate comments because once you give people the power to be anonymous and say anything they want without any repercussion, you’ll find trolls everywhere. But we’ve been doing this for almost 10 years so there’s really nothing that we haven’t heard so we’ve got a pretty thick skin now.“

What tips do you guys have for budding YouTubers on making an awesome YouTube channel?

ANTHONY: "In reality, creating stuff online is about creating something that you enjoy, that your friends are going to enjoy, that you could really put your heart into and people that watch it will really see that and gravitate towards that.”

Smosh The Movie, [available to download](https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/smosh-the-movie/id1008258014|target="_blank") on Digital HD today

Interview: Matthew Galea.