Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie have just taken their relationship Miley and Liam level


By Bianca Mastroianni

It's pretty clear to anyone who's been paying attention that Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie are 3000% a thing. We're calling it now, they're #CONFIRMED.

Between JB's valiant efforts to protect her from haters, to their romantic getaways across the globe, they've been pretty public with their romance. But, nothing say's "WE'RE DATING," like posting a picture of your S.O's pet. Just as Miley.

Remember that? Well Sofia has gone and posted this:

YAS, that's Bieber's newest pupper Todd, the walking cloud <333.

Sofia captioned the pic, "Mornings with Todd," and we are pretty jealous of her RN. Where will this relationship ~lEaD~? ? ? A ring on her finger like Milez? You never know.