Sofia Richie's Twitter account has been suspended and we have SO many questions

Is deleting social media cool now?

By Bianca Mastroianni

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber have made tsunami size waves this week with their dramatic-as-hell relationship, but as the drama comes to an end so do their social lives. Well, social media lives.

Justin Bieber stuck to his word and deleted his Instagram if the hate didn't die down (which, in his defence, the hate tripled).

But now it seems as though Sofia's Twitter account has also vanished.

This seems more dramatic than just deleting or deactivating your account. Note the "This account has been suspended part". Hmm.

Being the nosy lil freaks we are, we clicked the hyperlink and "learnt more" about why Twitter suspends accounts, and found this:

We can only come to these conclusions: either Sofia was spamming the hell out of her Twitter account, which can't be true because where are the screenshots to prove it? (And no, her constant talking on behalf of Justin doesn't count.)

Her account security was at risk - which can be true since she has been at the crux of all the drama this week and well, if fangirls have proven anything it's that their hacking skills are on point.

OR, there was abusive tweets or behaviour. Twitter describes this as "when an account engages in abusive behaviour, like sending threats to others or impersonating other accounts." We really don't want to believe that Sof was threatening anyone regardless of all the hate she's been getting, but ya never know...

Right before Sofia's Twitter account was suspended there were reports she did a MASSIVE cull, like deleting most of her posts and keeping a specific few (that were quite telling).

Apparently she unfollowed everyone minus nine people who were all linked to Bieber in some way: like Justin himself, his father Jeremy and his friend Jaden Smith. She only left five tweets, which now can't be seen... so we're thinking that maybe Twitter may have thought she had been hacked which has now resulted in her account being suspended.

BOY this is investigative journalism at its peak. Watch this space for any updates.