The 'Stranger Things' kids reaction to their Golden Globes nomination will destroy you

In the best way ever.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If like us, you've given up on wanting to be part of Taylor Swift's #squad (well not totally, but ya know...) and decided that the kid cast of Stranger Things are the kool kids now... then this video may slay you.

As you know, the show is probably the best thing to happen to 2016, so DUH they're going to get nominated for the upcoming Golden Globes awards.

The show has been nominated for two awards: Winona Ryder is up for Best Actress, and the whole gang is up for Best Drama and we have a feeling that they will 3,000% win. How could they not?

Anyway, wait 'til you see the boys' reactions to their nomination.


The "YEAHHH!", the high-fives and hugs. We just can't.

Did they set up all their phones to record every possible angle for this? If so, we love them even more.