This “Style” and “Perfect” video mash-up is exactly what we needed

Prepare to feel all the Haylor ~feels~

Just when you were coming down from all the feels that were induced by THIS EPIC musical mash-up of the century, we have something else to make us lose all chill.

To add further proof that One Direction’s Perfect is about Taylor Swift, we have this:

The most perfect mash-up of the fresh Perfect video and Tay Tay’s Style clip have been merged thanks to the creative genius @swiftlyhes and it will give you so many Haylor feels, you literally just yeah.

Incorporating scenes of a black and white Taylor holding the ~controversial~ paper aeroplane necklace and Harold lying on the bed while clouds are projected into the background; it’s basically what every Haylor shipper has been missing in their life.

The girl who originally created the clip captioned it with a dramatic “WHY DID I DO THIS”, probs after realising all the feels she was creating, but we are so grateful that she shared it with us.

Thank you, Kira and thank you internet.

proceeds to rewatch clip 40 times