This “Perfect” and “Style” mash up is the Haylor duet we never knew we needed


Remember whenever a couple in Glee had an issue they would mash two epic songs together and sing it out?

Well that’s pretty much what’s just happened with Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.


A super talented 1D and Taylor fan by the name of Emily initially whipped up a mash up of Out of The Woods and Perfect and it didn’t quite have that magical ~feel~ she was looking for.

So, Emily then decided to mash Perfect with Style, called out to her friends of the Internet at Reddit to eliminate Taylor’s vocals and let’s just say she unknowingly created one of the greatest mash ups the universe has ever heard.

The beautiful, chocolate-to-the-ears mash up not only fits the rhythm of each tune but kinda acts as conversation between Harry and Taylor, as they reflect upon their “midnight drives” while the whole "someone to write your breakup songs about" makes everything even more real.

Since Harry and Taylor called it quits at the beginning of 2013, we haven’t really had any closure other than the 1989 album which is all naturally from Taylor’s point of view. At least now we can listen to Emily’s epic mash up and ~pretend~ that it’s the song Harry and Tay wrote for each other to discuss why they never worked out. Or ya know, just a great song to listen to when you catch the bus.

Take a listen for yourself and prepare to feel a lot of things.