The one plot hole you NEVER noticed in Disney’s Tarzan


So we all know how much we love to over analyse our favourite Disney movies, EVERYONE does it until you can memorise the plot backwards.

But someone has uncovered a huge plot hole in Tarzan and we can’t work out how we NEVER noticed this before!

So Tarzan has luscious locks that any girl (or Harry Styles) would envy, and eyebrows that the best of us would die for, but how does he have such long tresses but absolutely NO facial hair! Umm…

Upon closer inspection, he clearly didn’t have access to modern luxuries such as razors and shavers, so we are pretty perplexed as to how manages to look so flawless.

The guy is clearly a fully developed man living in the jungle, so unless he used some miracle moss or a razor sharp rock (clap for pun), it just doesn’t make sense how he has such smooth baby skin!

You never know though, with all these Disney conspiracies circling the internet for all their movies and interlocking plot holes, there is probably an explanation somewhere that someone has to uncover! Everyone loves it when a good fan theory is confirmed by Disney themselves!

Of course, we aren’t complaining, we (and Jane) love Tarzan just the way he is!

Words: Emma Hedges