Your first look at Taylor Lautner on set for Scream Queens

He plays a doctor... which is a good thing cause you’ll need CPR after seeing this.

By Amber Manto

When it was announced our fave werewolf Taylor Lautner would be joining the cast of Scream Queens for the second season of ~mysterious killings~ we were like:

The fact he’d be playing a doctor only made the news that much ~sweeter~.

Now, we’ve been ~gifted~ with our first look at Taylor as Dr. Cassidy Cascade (yes that's actually his character's name), thanks to Lea Michele’s Snapchat.

You ready for this?

K, here we go...

OOFT and DAMN. #TeamJacob4evs

Taylor will be playing a main character who winds up a prime suspect in the killings that go down at the hospital where this whole season will be set.

Safe to say we're more excited for Screams Queens season 2 than Niall at a 5SOS concert. FYI, the show will be coming to a TV near you on September 20.