Taylor Lautner just made us ship Taylor squared all over again with his first Instagram post


By Bianca Mastroianni

Just when you thought everyone who ever existed had an Instagram account, you see Taylor Lautner’s head pop up with his ‘first ever post’.

Where have you been for the past six years? Under a rock with no WiFi?!

But that’s beside the point, because Jacob Black has given in to social media domination and entered with style.

Taylor look advantage of the brank spankin’ new 60-second video feature to create a ~short film~ about what his first post should be.


What else would we expect from the Lauts other than him showing off his signature backflip, or catching grapes in his mouth like he did on Ellen.

Not to mention that weird ‘dabbing’ thing he attempts.

The best part of the clip (other than Adam Sandler and David Spade making a cameo) is Taylor name-dropping his ex Taylor Swift.


Bless them.

Anyways, welcome to the world of Instagram Tay. We’ll be sure to stalk frequently.