Taylor Lautner just shared a #throwback pic that is making us question everything


By Bianca Mastroianni

If you remember back in the day when Jacob Black, aka Taylor Lautner, ripped his shirt off in Twilight: New Moon, you'll remember thinking "dayumm, whatta bod."

Serious side note: bring back the Twilight obsession. What a time that was to be alive.

Anyway... Taylor has only recently entered social media, so we basically have no idea what he's been doing for a few years, but his comeback has been epic.

Not only is this bae set to appear in Scream Queens season two, but he's been gifting the world with some amazing shots of himself.

One in particular is a #throwback he posted a few days ago. And when we say throwback we mean FETUS!

"#tbt beach flexin 99' #summerbod." Um YEP, that ripped fetus child is Taylor. WOT?!

If you're confused by our confusion, we're referring to how the hell does a smol child have a better bod than most adult men???

It's confirmed: Taylor Lautner was destined for hotness since birth. No question about it.

Now we're off to go wash our eyes with holy water coz we're low-key attracted to a toddler. #SendHelp.