Taylor Swift accused of deleting Tumblr posts praising Adele

This CAN’T be true. Can it?

If you believe the conspiracy theory going around the interwebs RN, apparently Taylor Swift may have it in for Adele fans.

While everyone else in the world welcomed Adele back to their airwaves with open ears after a three-year hiatus, apparently T-Swizzle wasn’t all too pleased to have the rival ~heartbreak song~ queen back. In fact, there are claims that TayTay and her team have been getting Tumblr posts from Adele fans deleted.

Anyone else find this hard to believe?

This drama ~apparently~ started when Adele recently dropped her new single Hello out of nowhere and dethroned Taylor’s Bad Blood off the top spot as VEVO's most watched video in 24 hours. #Burn

Adele fans took to Tumblr to rub it in Taylor’s face (now now, you guys!) and word has it she wasn’t at all happy about losing her title, (FYI: Taylor’s film clip Bad Blood is STILL the most video of all time on the site with 1.26 BILLION views) with one user claiming via Twitter that his Tumblr post had mysteriously disappeared and his account had become inaccessible.

The whole thing was probably just a technical glitch, but pretty soon the theory had gone viral and posts begging Taylor to delete their blog started to flood Tumblr.

Could Swizzlesticks be that vindictive? Nah, we just can’t believe she’s stoop to such levels. Stay classy, Tay. XO