Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are showing MAJOR PDA at a Selena Gomez concert


By Sammy Stewart

It's officially been 1 week since the world discovered Hiddleswift and boy hasn't it been a wild ride?!

Tay and Tom are back at it again with the PDA and this time it was at a Selena Gomez concert.

~Aka~ the date of your dreamz.

Taylor and Tom were spotted at Selena's Revival show in Nashvillle looking pretty damn cute. Tay's good friend Abigail and her BF accompanied the double date and the entire group just went OFF during Hands To Myself. (See video above)

And you KNOW things are getting serious when bae comes with you to a Selena concert.

Speaking to E! News, a sneaky source revealed, "Taylor invited Tom to go. Tom always wants to please Taylor and show her that her friends matter. Taylor likes that about Tom."

So cute.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Selena seem to be all G! We guess all those ~feud~ rumours were total rubbish, THANK GAWD.