Taylor Swift convinces Apple to pay artists for their music

But now a photographer has turned the tables back onto her over copyright issues. Drama, drama, drama!

By now, all of your Swifty’s will be aware that Taylor Swift took giant tech company Apple head-on and called them out for ripping off artists for their music.

The star penned a pretty kick-ass open letter to Apple on her Tumblr account, which you can read here.

Taylor Swift being a Goddess and all managed to single-handedly get Apple to change their policies so artists would get paid, even during a customer’s free trial period.

Apple exce Eddy Cue tweeted: “#AppleMusic will pay artist for streaming, even during customer’s free trial periodWe hear you @taylorswift13 and indie artists. Love, Apple.”

This calls for a victory dance.

Not long after, Taylor's bestie and mother of her soon-to-be Goddaughter Jamie King posted a similar rant of Instagram (which she deleted soon after).

Inspired by Tay's powerful act, Jamie spoke about how actors don't get paid despite being shown on sites on Netflix and Hulu.

This obviously puts us an an awkward position because we want the actors to be paid but our need for Netflix is deep.

moral dilemma

Fingers crossedthey both could reach some sort of agreement so it's high-fives and happy dances all 'round.

But it wasn't all sunshine and sparkles in Tay's world following her Apple victory.

A photographer by the name of Jason Sheldonaccused Tay of having double standards as he and other photographers had to hand over rights to their images from Taylor Swift's concerts.

He wrote in his blog: "With all due respect to you too Taylor, you can do the right thing and change your photo policy. Photographers don't ask for your music for free. Please don't ask us to provide you with your marketing material for free."

Cue the awkward conch.

Tay's reps responded to Digital Spy: "The standard photography agreement has been misrepresented in that it clearly states that any photographer shooting 'The 1989 World Tour' has the opportunity for further use of said photographs with management's approval.

"The copyright of the photographs will be with anyone other than the photographer - this agreement does not transfer copyright away from the photographer."

Gawd, this is all getting a bit much.

Quick, here's a GIF of Taylor awkward dancing...

OK, we good.