Ohhh SNAP: Taylor's BFF Abigail made some comments about North West and people are angry

So much backfire even we're feeling the burn.

By Bianca Mastroianni

We're day three into the Kimye vs Taylor war, and the fire rages on.

So far, Taylor has had only a couple of ~squad~ members stick up for her, with each and every one of them getting epically dragged on Twitter. Now, her oldest BFF Abigail Anderson has decided to make her alliance known... but boy has this backfired.

In a series of (now deleted) Twitter posts, Abigail brings her attention to Kim and Kanye's daughter North, dedicating her Twitter post to a lengthy prayer.


While the entire war has been pretty #nasty, it's fair to say bringing an innocent toddler into the mix has upset a lot of people, and they're letting Abigail know about it.

Another user has even done her research, drudging up older Twitter posts by Abigail that continuously use the word "btch in reference to other women...


We're pretty impressed Abigail - a mere mortal - was brave enough to stand up to Kim Kardashian and her empire. Especially after she has basically ruined the reputation of someone who held so much power.

BUT we are also 3000% sure Kimmy won't let her get away with bringing her child into the mess. And we've seen what a Kimmy scorned is capable of.