Taylor Swift was confronted by a bug and became all of us...

We feel your pain, Tay.

Considering that we live Down Under, we’ve kinda become accustomed to the ol' huntsman in your bedroom or a croc in the backyard. Just kidding, no-one can ever get use to a spider on the wall.

During her trip to the Southern Hemisphere - New Zealand to be precise - Queen Taylor and her family set out for a trip.

After skipping a few stones, and minding her business, Taylor was greeted by a friendly little bug that kinda just flew straight into her face.

What followed was the classic ~bug dance~, legit shook it off and may have had a mini freak out.

le sigh Once again Kween TayTay proves that she really is just like us.

Side note, we’re really digging those ugg boots, Tay. #WERK.

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