Er, is Taylor Swift buying a castle?!

And does that mean she’s officially a princess?

Yep, not even kidding.

The Princess of pop (no pun intended) reportedly has her sights on a castle in Scotland called the Tower of Lethendy.

According to the Daily Mail, the castle is valued at £4.6 million (that’s over $7 million), which she’s probz paying off with all that 1989 dosh.

Any person in their right mind would now be wondering:

The answer is simple: Calvin. Harris.

Her bae’s hometown is a two and a half hour drive from the castle that she’s eyeing off and an hour from Edinburgh, where his fam bam currently resides.

The extravagant castle boasts eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms and an 18-hole golf course, heated swimming pool and tennis courts.

She obvs opted for the biggest place available so that she can accommodate her ever-growing squad when they pop in for a visit.

#Throwback to that time that she told Vanity Fair: “I apparently buy houses near every boy I like. If I like you I will apparently buy up the real estate market just to freak you out so you leave me.”

Erm, given your track record Tay, that pretty much is how you roll.

She once bought a house next door to her ex-beau Connor Kennedy and was looking to buy a house in Cheshire, England to be closer to Harry Styles before that relationship went down the drain (RIP Haylor).

So considering the “Bad Blood” singer is usually all too keen to become a real estate mogul to be closer to her lover, we’re not at all surprised at this news.

It looks like Swifty’s dream of being a Princess has come true:

Exhibit a)

Exhibit b)

Exhibit c)

All hail Princess Swift!

Update: OK, we may have gotten a little carried away with Tay Swift buying a castle because the latest word on the street is that Swifty will NOT be purchasing a fortress any time soon. Damn.

Well, we still love her, even if she is without a castle.

Words: Matthew Galea.