So Taylor Swift broke up with Calvin Harris in a pretty brutal way...

And he FINALLY breaks his silence.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If there was one celebrity couple we predicted would go the distance, it was #Talvin.

Clearly, we have no psychic abilities because that relationship is deader than dead, R.I.P.

When pics leaked of Taylor macking on with Tom Hiddleston, it was clear she had ditched that innocent, broken-hearted gal image and emerged an independent kween.

What we expect to be a super-reliable source has told The Sun it was actually Taylor who broke up with Calvin, not the other way round as we'd assumed. And she took a leaf out of ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas' book and broke up with Calvin OVER THE PHONE. Ouch.

Calvin has since remained pretty lowkey about the dramz, aside from deleting his ~all the love and respect tweet~ along with any online evidence of him and Taylor being together. There was also that shady tweet that may or may not even been real, but TBH he has taken the entire break-up pretty damn well.

However TMZ did what they do best and when they ran into Calvin recently they asked what his thoughts were on TayTay K-I-S-S-I-N-G Tom Hiddleston. Calvin replied with a cool "It’s all good man. She’s doing her thing. She’s doing her thing, dude."

Pretty anti-climatic, but mature as all hell.

Shake it off Calvin, shake it off... Too soon?