Taylor Swift breaks her Instagram silence to wish Selena Gomez happy birthday

DW, Taylor and Selena: still tight. <3

By Erin Van Der Meer

Taylor Swift is going through her own kind of personal hell right now as her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continues (and might even be headed for the courtroom).

She’s been super quiet on the old Instagram lately, but because Tay would never miss the birthday of a loyal squad member, she broke her silence to wish Selena happy birthday – she turned 24 on July 22 (it was also Prince George’s big day).

Look at them! Back when Taylor still had corkscrew curls, her innocence, and probably a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. How times have changed.

A personal ‘gram dedication is the least Taylor could do for her pal after Selena tweeted up a storm in support of her friend in the wake of #KimExposedTaylor.

That’s what friends/squad members are for.

Source: Cosmopolitan