You can also access the Instagram tool Taylor Swift used to get rid of those snake comments

She's not the only one with the power now.

By Amber Manto

Update 28/7/16

We can all stop stamping our foot and screaming how unfair life is coz apparently Taylor Swift wasn’t given special privileges from Instagram.

On July 6, more than a week before #SnakeGate went down, TechCrunch discovered a new tool has been quietly rolled out by the app. Can you guess what that was?!

That’s right, a comment filtering tool. It “blocks comments with words or phrases often reported as offensive from appearing on your posts,” reported the site.

The catch? Your Instagram account needs to be linked to a business account page on Facebook, which Taylor’s likely is. However it’s assumed this feature will eventually be rolled out to everyone, so us regular peasants will be able to filter our spammy comments too. In other words, Insta probably saw Tay and Calvin's Instas getting bombarded and set the tool to block people posting a heap of emojis. In fact, we tried to do just that on Tay's account and here's the error message we received.

So there you have it, mystery solved.

Original story 25/7/16
In the wake of the Tay vs Kimya drama, Instagram are reportedly testing a new tool which can delete hateful comments in one go. And the guinea pig for such tool? None other than Taylor Swift.

Right before #KimyeGate went down, it was revealed Taylor did in fact write and sing Calvin Harris’ hit This Is What You Came For. And upon such info being revealed, both Tay’s and Calvin’s Instas were suddenly bombarded with snake emojis, with fans taking sides. In fact, it kinda (really) got outta hand.

Then all of a sudden, POOF! The snakes had vanished from Tay’s account.

The Times reports this tool allows Tay to delete negative/abusive/spammy comments in one hit, without having delete them all one by one like the rest of us peasants.

Apparently Taylor isn’t the only one who has this ・°☆MaGiCaL☆・ tool, other high-profile people with huge followings have now also been given the power.

An Instagram spokesperson would not confirm or deny if said tool existed, but did tell MailOnline this: “We're currently focused on providing tools to improve accounts with the most high-volume comment threads. We will use our learnings to continue to improve the comment experience on Instagram.”

Er, that sounds like a confirmation to us.

The way we see it, they are testing this tool with accounts that receive a crazy amount of traffic then it will hopefully be rolled out to the rest of us. Not that ya know, we really need it. We can delete that one comment we received all on our own.