Taylor Swift is going to absolutely "destroy" her exes in her new album

Look out boyz.

By Sammy Stewart

If your name is Tom Hiddleston or Calvin Harris, there's a very good chance you are going to be publicly roasted via music, very, very soon.

We know that Taylor has begun her songwriting process and she's SO ready to drag her most recent ex BFs to hell.

"Taylor's blood was boiling when Tom's camp waded in with stories slamming her. This was made worse by Calvin's comments, which felt like another dig, as she said Calvin was twisting the knife when her reputation was already at an all-time low," a source told Closer magazine.

"Taylor's been left fuming and is going to use her next album to restore her reputation and set the record straight. She says she'll destroy Calvin and Tom - she's determined to get payback revealing details which, until now, she'd promised to keep secret," claimed the source.

You know what they say; hell hath no fury like a scorned Swift.