Taylor Swift 100% heard Kanye’s song before it was released, according to this dude

But wait, there's a plot twist...

You no doubt know by now about ~those~ feral Taylor lyrics in Yeezy’s latest tune – unless of course you’ve been trapped in your room for the last week or so with no wi-fi.

Unless that's the case, you'd also know about Tay’s ~empowering~ Grammy’s speech where she shaded Yeezy so bad, he thought he was sitting under a palm tree.

And, you'd also know that this whole time there's been so much ~speculation~ as to whether or not Tay had actually known about these said lyrics and given her stamp on approval ahead of time.

Tay's reps said no, then they changed their tune and said yeah maybe but that she hadn't actually known about the lyrics, only the gist of the song which Tay was not a fan of. According to them she even warned Kanye about the strong message the song, "Famous", was sending.

Well now Grammy Awards producer Ken Ehrlich has confimed that Taylor 100% had an advance copy of Yeezy's track and defs heard it - and EVEN COMMENTED ON IT.

"I will tell you this; she came in a couple of weeks ago and she had an advance of the track. So she commented on it in a very funny way. She's smart," Ken told ET.

She commented on it in a funny way? Say whaaaa? As in, thought it was rubbish and said just that? If that's what you mean Ken then yeah, that's probably true.

You'd think this would be the end of the story but nope...


This Ken fellow has now said, according to perezhilton.com, that he got confused when asked this question and Taylor had not in fact heard the song before it was released.

In a statement he took back what he'd said on the Grammys' red carpet. "Regarding my statement at the Grammys about Taylor, I misunderstood what she had told me,” he said. “Under the pressure of rehearsals, rather than say that she was aware of the song, I said she had heard a track when in fact she had not and and what she said to me didn't imply that at all."

Right, whatever that means. Oh gosh keeping up with this he-said, she-said fued is exhausting guys, time for a nap. XOXO