Apparently Taylor Swift is having a massive LOL over Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Eye rolls into another dimension.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If you happened to switch off your WiFi and go internet free last week, then you probably missed the debacle that was Orlando Bloom's privates littered all over the world wide web.

Although it sparked hilarious reactions from people errywhere, both Katy and Orlando received a lot of backlash over it.

And because drama feeds off more drama, a really reliable ~source~ has told Hollywood Life that Taylor Swift is having a major LOL over it. SOUNDS LEGIT.

Apparently, "Taylor [Swift] thinks it’s funny and she’s loving that Katy has to deal with this latest distraction with Orlando Bloom‘s nude photos being out there. Taylor would never be caught in that position and would never have Tom [Hiddleston] be in that situation at all. But she loves that Katy has to deal with it because it has to be embarrassing.”

Yeah not too sure about that, but hey you never know. Things have gotten pretty nasty between Tay and Katy in the past.

BUT we really don't think Tay would add any fuel to the fire, considering that whole #SnapchatGate drama she's just dealt with. That just ain't her vibe.

We think everyone (including you Biebs) should keep their pants on and definitely not get their knickers in a knot over this ridiculousness. Soz - had to.