There’s a reason why Taylor Swift is sat with her #squad at the MTV Awards

Nope, not just coincidence.

By Amber Manto

The MTV video music awards are on this coming Monday and if you’ve spent many sleepless nights wondering how the heck celebs sort out where they’re sitting then wonder no more.

No it’s not like a movie theatre where it’s first come first served, the MTV award show bosses actually assign seats and have a set guidelines they follow in order to maximise those unpredictable ~GIF-able moments~ between celebs.

Moments like this:

And this:

Not to mention this:

Chatting with Cosmopolitan.com, Gina Esposito, vice president for MTV music and talent, explained the seating charts takes MONTHS to work out and constantly evolves, right up until the actual day (no doubt to accommodate for those last-minute celeb Twitter feuds).

She says they take the following into consideration:

1. Celebs request who they want to sit with when they RSVP.

Which Gina says they do their best to accommodate however…

2. Everyone wants to sit with Taylor Swift… which can makes things tricky

“She has so many good friends, and it was hard to figure out […] because so many people were requesting to sit by her and sit with her. She's often really requested."

Wonder if it’ll be the same this year considering all the ~drama~ that’s gone down… #JustSayin’

3. Ultimately though, the TV Crew have a lot of pulling power

If they need someone to be in a certain spot in order to get a clear shot of them, then that’s where they’ll be.

“You're looking at it for camera angles and whose reactions we might capture throughout the night," explains Gina.

4. Celebs will where sit where they damn well please coz #famous

Hard to believe we know but celebrities are used to getting their own way so if they want to sit in a certain spot, then they will. Can you really imagine security asking Selena Gomez to get back to her assigned seat? Yeah, us either.

5. Aisle seats do not mean that artist will win

Anyone who is nominated is seated in a position that gives them easy enough access to the stage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean right on the aisle. That would just be a dead giveaway.