Taylor Swift's "New Romantics" video is making a lot of fans angry

We’re actually crying tears of mascara in the bathroom.

By Sammy Stewart

Taylor Swift has FINALLY dropped the music video for “New Romantics” but there’s one catch…

You can only watch the video if you’re subscribed to Apple Music (which you have to pay for $) and unlike most of her videos, it’s not on YouTube, Vevo or anywhere else on the interwebs.

To make this even more awkward the video, which features unseen footage from her 1989 tour, was intended to be a gift for her Swifties and obvi, not everyone can be bothered to sign up for Apple Music.

Hopefully the Squadmother (who normally is a KWEEN to her fans) will see that her beloved Swifties are struggling RN.

Remember Tay, the best people in life are free!