New Zealand’s native dotterels aren’t happy with Taylor Swift

“Plz leave” – dotterels to Taylor Swift.

Uh oh… it looks like Taylor Swift has ruffled the feathers of New Zealand's national treasures. Literally.

In case you weren’t aware, the Southern Hemisphere has been freaking out quite a bit this week after Taylor Swift was spotted in New Zealand ahead of her 1989 Tour.

The #SquadMother was reportedly hanging out at Bethells Beach in Auckland to film the music video for Out Of The Woods (!!!!) which just so happens to be where another squad was hanging out, the New Zealand native dotterels.


Apparently, Tay’s crew didn’t quite follow the rules when it came to how many vehicles they were driving on the beach at one time (it’s two FYI), and the birds were not impressed.

“There are restrictions on the number of vehicles and what they can do when they're on the beach,” a doterell Waitakere Ranges Local Board chair Sandra Coney​ explained to Sky News.

“So this particular filming company was given permission for two vehicles, which is what they asked for, but considerably more vehicles actually went onto the beach.”

“​I certainly don't think we're going to shake it off because the part of the Auckland Council that is responsible for giving film permits will be getting in touch with the film company and having a conversation with them and I don't know what will follow from that”, Sandra concluded.

OoOOooOOOOh, we kinda love that she referenced Shake It Off, but we’re 100% certain that Taylor would never want to bring any stress to the precious doteralls.

Interestingly, back in 2013 a pretty intense and OTT ad was filmed on the same beach, as this guy points out…

UNLESS the doteralls are actually KatyKats and just have a personal thing against Taylor…

Let us know your thoughts! XOXO

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