Taylor achieves meme inception

Taylor Swift wears "no its becky" meme-inspired tee. Breaks internet.

Taylor Swift no its becky

Not only is Taylor Swift down-to-earth (she invited 30 fans into her home this week, but she's also totaly down with having a laugh at her own expense.

The 24-year-old was snapped on Wednesday night in New York wearing a mustard tee emblazoned with, “no its becky.” #LOL

Didn’t get the memo?

Tay pretty much broke the internet when she started a Tumblr account, and “liked” a post which featured an old yearbook photo of herself that claimed to be a girl called Becky, who had died after “snorting marijuana at a party".

An earnest Swiftie fan quickly commented on the Tumblr post, saying, “pretty sure that’s Taylor Swift,” to which the original poster dryly wrote back, “no its becky”.

Cue: eye rolling emoticon face.

An avid fan posted this mash-up to Twitter:

Tay found the whole thing pretty funny, obvs, as did her legion of devoted fans who are now begging Taylor to sell the T-shirt on her next tour.

The Tumblr-queen is also re-thinking her 1989 album cover, posting a polaroid pic of her in the tee to her own Tumblr page just yesterday.

Maybe save it for the deluxe Christmas remix, Tay?

Either way, we really want that T-shirt. #noitsbecky