Something's a bit suss about that note Taylor Swift wrote explaining Kimmy K's video

There's speculation she wrote it AGES ago.

By Amber Manto

The aftermath of yesterday’s crapstorm between Kim + Tay has begun with conspiracy theories popping up all over Tumblr.

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, and haven't had internet for the last 12 hours, you can catch up on ALL the drama right HERE.

Basically, after Taylor responded with that note on her Insta and Twitter…

…very observant people over on Tumblr noticed something fishy. It’s speculated Taylor wrote this note a while ago just in case Kim exposed her for lying about not approving those Famous lyrics.

You see, when you start a new note it often says “Back" in the top left corner but Taylor’s note says “Search” which suggests she’d prepared for this event and looked up this note once Kimmy finally released the footage she'd been teasing for months.

Tumblr user WorshippedLove reckons Taylor even tweaked the note once she found out there really was footage of her agreeing to said lyrics.

But ya know, we’ve all been there. When something goes down you want to eloquently put forward your side of the story so you write it out on the Notes tab, tweak it constantly just to make sure you’re getting your point across. Nothing really that usual, TBH.

Keep moving folks, nothing to see here.