Taylor Swift NEEDS this cat-storing hoodie

It has a pouch for Olivia/Meredith. Really.

So, Japanese company Unihabitat have created a hoodie that allows you to carry your cat (or small dog, let's not forget the canines of the world) around with you, thanks to its handy little front pouch.

The Mewgaroo hoodie, featuring cat ears and paws (natch), would be perfect for Tay Tay to cart Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey around in, so long as they're happy being squashed next to each other in a mildly uncomfortable manner.

Just imagine the stuff she could do whilst her hands were free from holding the cats - cut her toenails, make cheese toasties, put her red lipsticks in order from lightest to darkest...or y'know, write some hit songs.

The hoodie's inner pouch is removable, so you can wash any cat hair and er, potential bladder accidents out of it. (The cat's, not yours.)

This is all very kangaroo, isn't it?

Want it? Soz, you can't have it unless you live in Japan. Maybe Taylor should have picked one up whilst she was on tour?