Taylor Swift has been paranoid about recorded phone calls for years

She totally knew this would happen.

By Sammy Stewart

Before Kim Kardashian leaked Kanye's conversation with Taylor approving Famous onto Snapchat, it's been revealed Taylor Swift has always had a fear of being recorded.

This recorded conversation of Taylor saying she's totally fine with Kayne calling her "that b*tch" in his song (still not totally clear if she did approve it tho) is the reason #TaylorExposedParty started trending on Twitter and marks the moment when the world turned on TayTay.

But a bunch of people have dug deep on the internet and revealed Taylor's always had a fear of being recorded.

In an interview with Capital FM from February 2015, Taylor said: "I have a lot of issues with buildings like this, because I always feel like someone has bugged the room, and is either videoing me or recording me."

Taylor made a similar comment during her interview with Rolling Stone in 2014, where she explained that recorded convos totally "freak" her out.

"Don't even get me started on wiretaps. It's not a good thing for me to talk about socially. I freak out."

Taylor added: "This is gonna sound like I'm a crazy person, but we don't even know. I have to stop myself from thinking about how many aspects of technology I don't understand."

It's pretty creepy that Taylor's biggest fear in the industry actually happened...