Taylor Swift has a satanic doppelganger and now we're questioning everything

Does Taylor lead a double-life?

By Bianca Mastroianni

Apparently there are seven people in the world who look exacntly like you. Creepy right? Yup, especially if said doppelganger is a SATANIC WORSHIPPER.

Dayum like Taylor isn't have a hard enough week.

Some human found Good Morning LA footage of the ~daughter and high priestess of The Satanic Church, Zeena Schreck Lavey and the internet being the internet has made this allegation:

Okay, so she's defs not someone you'd want to be compared to, but if you're a #Swifty or not, you just cant' ignore those similarities. Especially that cocked brow that Taylor likes to wear so much.

Looks like she's hiding a secret... maybe she is. DUN DUN DUN. (Plz, chill on the hate).

Many people have taken to Twitter to conduct a very important and serious poll to find out the truth about Taylor's secret identity.

Then there's this guy that went and conducted and in-depth research into Taylor's Bad Blood video clip, pointing our satanic symbols and words...

That's enough internet for today.