Taylor Swift has been stalking and saving your photos (again)


The Swiftenator (as no one has ever called her) is back to her old lurkin’ ways and might, JUST MIGHT have a photo of you saved in her phone.

Why, you ask?

In the past Taylor has admitted that she ~mildly~ stalks her fans on social media, but yesterday the TayLURKER (as she’s named herself) proudly admitted that her stalking levels have reached new heights.

Taylor uploaded to twitter a screenshot of her iPhone photo album revealing all the random fan photos she’s been saving after her social media quest.

She be creepin’.

If we were talking about anyone else, it would be a totally different news story. Gone are the days of the occasional tumblr repost, ‘like’ or ‘comment’. NOW, it’s all about the screenshot.


Meanwhile, Taylor’s been going on quite the liking spree. Tumblr Users recently discovered that Tay has kept her ‘liked posts’ section completely public, (which is something that most of us would normally keep hidden away on the internet.)

We’re not quite sure whether she's aware that her liked posts can be seen by the world, but considering this is the girl who has secret messages in her album lyrics, we wouldn’t put anything past her.

Either way, Taylor has proven that she’s on the same level as her fans and we guess this is her way of saying "I love you too". Here are some shots she's hit 'like' on:


Remember the 1989 sessions…how do you think Taylor found those fans…

So just remember, everything you do, post, say and tweet, Taylor is watching.

You know you love her
XO XO Taylurker~