Taylor Swift to play Santa again

That’s right, Swiftmas is back!

Last Christmas squad mother Taylor Swift decided to play Santa and surprise randomly stalked selected fans with presents. Dubbed #Swiftmas, TayTay personally went out and bought each gift, donned a Santa hat and flannelette PJs, then wrapped and boxed each parcel up herself.

Of course she filmed the whole thing and the internet lost all chill when they saw it because watching fans losing their chill is quite hilarious. Scream Queens even spoofed it with “Chanel-O-Ween”.

This year Swiftie is on the gifting circuit again only this time she has the same pressie for everyone: an MTV Video Music Award just like the one she scored for her music clip Bad Blood. The only catch is you had to BE in that video to be on Swiftie Claus’s list. However you’ll remember that anyone who’s ANYONE was in that clip so there’s going to be a lot of moonman statues floating around pretty soon.

Squad represent: