No-one saw Hiddleswift coming, except this girl. She wrote a fanfic about it 18 months ago

The details are chillingly accurate.

By Amber Manto

Yesterday while the rest of us were literally spitting out our breakfast when those Tay + Tom kissing snaps surfaced, 22-year-old Jennifer Stanley couldn’t have been more bored.

She’d predicted this whole event 18 months ago, writing a fanfic which accurately depicts how Tom and Tay would meet – at the Met Gala in New York (although she was a year off but ya know, close enough).

"I don't know how to explain it, but I just fell for Tom," she said in an interview with Refinery 29. "I've been a strong Swiftie for 10 years now, and I just decided to combine my two favourite people together."

“But I knew since they are in two different fields of work that most likely they'd never cross paths at an event, so I just decided to do one Google search to figure an event their paths could cross at. The only possible one was the Met Gala.”

Kween Taylor herself also follows Jennifer on Tumblr, so perhaps she read the story and got to thinking. Or maybe Jennifer really is physic?

Quick! Someone give this girl a call for next week’s Lotto numbers.