Watch Taylor Swift fall on her face during an Apple Music ad

We’ve all been there.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Taylor Swift is a self-declared ~klutz~ so it came as no surprise that during an ad for Apple Music she does what (we're sure) most of us have done at least once while working out.

She starts off the ad, and wins us over immediately, by admitting she hates cardio. This is why we love you Tay, because nobody in the history of time has ever been happy to start a workout, surely.

hashtag relatable
hashtag relatable

She then brings up Drake/Future's song Jumpman in a totally non-advertisy way cough , and starts to jog to the the beat. She naturally gets way into it, dancing along, when splat .

Sure this ad is promoting music or something but we think the real message here is that one should never trust a treadmill. Those fickle beasts are full of empty promises and leave you (sometimes) on your butt. XX