Taylor Swift and Zayn drop a duet together for 'Fifty Shades Darker'


By Bianca Mastroianni

What in the absolute world... This is definitely not something we expected to drop on a Friday afternoon, but goddamn we're pleased.

As you may know, the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker has just come out, and it's as uh, ~out there~ as you can imagine. But do you know what we're not looking forward to more than Christian Grey?? A TAYLOR AND ZAYN DUET!

We can 3,000% guarantee that Gigi pulled the strings on this one, being Zayn's GF and Taylor's BFF...

Taylor posted the song artwork to lettuce know it was coming, and it's as angsty looking as we'd hoped.

The tune is melodramatically called I Don't Wanna Live Forever, and it's bloody good we tells ya.

"I don't wanna live forever / because I know I'll be living in pain / and I don't wanna fit wherever / I just wanna keep calling your name / until you come back home," sings Zayn, in his famous falsetto, before Tay makes her entrance.

Can we have a major side note here about Taylor once dating Harry Styles who was in a band with Zayn, who's dating Gigi Hadid who's Taylor's best friend and now is singing about sex with him?!

In absolutely no surprise to anyone, the song is only available on Apple Music... but it's so totally worth it.