Beckham clan gather for a cute family outing

Altogether now: “Awww”.

Beckham clan gather for a cute family outing

Our favourite celebrity family (the Beckhams, obviously) are at it again. And by “at it” we mean just hanging out and doing normal family stuff, but to us it seems super glam and makes us want to be adopted by them.

The entire Beckham crew (yes, even Brooklyn swoon) went on a fun family day out in Cambridge where they went punting.

We didn't even know what punting was till we saw these photos, but now we know it's Brooklyn and co's latest hobby, we've got a new found appreciation for boats. (FYI punting is just a fancy word for going boating down a shallow river).

Check out some of the snaps from their day (thank Jebus for smart phones, eh?).

The Beckhams also met with Professor Stephen Hawking while they were at it (casual) and Brooklyn 'grammed about it later that day with the caption: "What an honour to meet Stephen Hawking. Such an inspiring afternoon."

Meanwhile, we're just sat here binge-watching Netflix while knee-deep in donuts. Don't mind us.