The Beckham family take Brooklyn to get his ear pierced

This is one family outing we WISH we were in on…

Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of power couple David and Victoria Beckham, BF of Chloe Grace Moretz, and star soccer player, has scored his first piercing.

The 15 year old popped down to Claire's Accessories at Shepherd's Bush Westfield in the UK (think: a totally suburban shopping centre where you’d NEVER normally see a celeb) to do as all kids his age do, and get his ear pierced.

Uh oh, wonder what Mummy and Daddy will think about this!?

Well, the shocking twist is that his stylish parents not only consented to the piercing, they actually stood by his side while a very lucky piercer jazzed up Brooklyn’s ear.

According to The Sun, it was a big family affair.

The former Spice Girl entered the venue through the front with middle-child and fashion model Romeo while Brooklyn and David snuck through the back entrance, trying not to make too much of a spectacle.

They failed.

Shop assistant Britney, 18, was instructed to man the shop floor and act nonchalant so as to not indicate to the dozens of surrounding shoppers that the Beckhams were in the store.

“Victoria was just checking out the hair extensions at the back of the shop. A few customers noticed who it was, but things stayed pretty calm,” she said.

“I think they were just in disbelief, I was just trying to keep it together.”

The store’s manager, Joe Parker, told The Sun what it was like to serve one of the most famous families on the planet: "They picked the most expensive earring - but Victoria told him to go a size down so it wasn't too blingy."

Let’s not forget that Brooklyn’s parents are two major style icons. Victoria has her own hit fashion line AND is a guest Editor for French Vogue and his dapper Daddy has scrubbed up nicely on many a jaw-dropping occasion and even designing a collection for H&M.

So you could say Brooklyn is in totally safe hands!

"Brooklyn was cool but I was so nervous, I was like, 'I can't mess this up'. I couldn't believe what I had experienced. They were a lovely family", Joe Parker revealed.

The A-list visit was a last minute decision that obvs needed a crew of shopping centre security, because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love to watch the Beckham clan engaging in some cute family time!?

Brooklyn’s decision to have his ear pierced is no doubt inspired by his footballer Father as he has both ears pierced. Is that not the cutest thing EVER?

Brooklyn recently signed to Arsenal's Under-16 team, after rejecting offers from Chelsea and Manchester United.

He signed a short-term contract, which could escalate to a long-term contract when he hits 16, as he reportedly impressed the management team with his amazing football skills.

In addition to his bright football future, the teen is also following in his mother’s footsteps and has taken the fash world by storm with an appearance on the front cover of Man About Town magazine earlier this year.

All in all, Brooklyn’s ear piercing expedition sounds like it was a very stylish and successful family outing for the Beckhams.