The lowdown on Scream Queens

What’s in store for Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande and Emma Roberts in the hotly anticipated TV show.

Scream Queens

We’ve been gunning for a new teen drama to sink our teeth into and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has come to the rescue with upcoming TV show Scream Queens.

The show is about a college campus which gets rocked by a series of murders and stars Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Lea Michel and Abigail Breslin aaand breathes. Seriously, how's that for star pulling power.

The show’s creator Ryan Murphy (who's also behind Glee) spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what's in store for each character.

First up? Nick Jonas: “Nick is so great. Nick and Glen Powell play members of a golfing fraternity called the Dollar Scholars. They are preppy monsters and they are entitled kids who are on golfing scholarships and are the most popular guys on the campus,” said Ryan.

“There's countless love triangles. Nick is very funny because he's completely playing against type. The thing I will say about the Nick character is he's not who he seems to be. Nick has a dark side, which comes out in the episodes.”

Oh Gahd! It sounds more drama-filled than Miley Cyrus' love life. We're already hooked!

And what can expect from Emma Roberts' character?

“Emma Roberts is Chanel, who's the president of Kappa Sorority. All her life all she's wanted to do is be president of Kappa and have this great boyfriend and rule the roost. She's very fashionable and very ruthless,” 'fessed Ryan.

And what about Ariana, you ask?

Ran let slip: “I met her and she had been a big fan of American Horror Story. We have to carve out amounts of time for her but I love her. She’s great and funny and she loves the genre of it.”

Now that we know a teensy bit more about it, we demand more answers! Like, will Joe Jonas make a cameo appearance? And will Lea Michele's character be anything like Rachel Berry (we hope so, just for the LOLz). You'll know as soon as we do.