Can you guess the most talked about band on Tumblr?

Hint: They’re kinda hot!

By Matt Galea
Can you guess the most talked about band on Tumblr?

Ah Tumblr, the ~ultimate~ fan girl paradise where boy band lovers can blog about their baes until their heart’s content.

But the question is, which fandom spent the most amount of time ranting about their fave band in 2016?

Well, Tumblr’s annual Year In Review feature has provided us with the answer, and it was none other than these dorks:

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Our home-grown heroes beat the likes of 1D (!!!) and Twenty One Pilots to the top spot.

Speaking to Billboard, Tumblr's content insights manager shared why she believes four dudes from Western Sydney scored the mega impressive feat:

"5 Seconds of Summer getting to No. 1 wasn't surprising; they were No. 1 most weeks on Fandom Metrics."

She continued: "And I think a lot of it just has to do with...cute boys from Australia making really relatable music that's fun. You don't have to be into pop-punk to like 5 Seconds of Summer. They have this mass appeal that anyone can pick up and be really excited about them."

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The boys shared their ~excitement~ for the accolade via Twitter:

Rock on boys, rock on.

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