The secret magic behind that ~flawless~ photobooth the Kardashians use is out

There's a reason they look so damn perfect.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Makeup can only go so far, and then comes Photoshop.

You may have noticed that all the ~hottest~ celebs seem to use this mysterious black & white photo booth when they attend their fancy pants parties.

You may also wonder how all of a sudden everyone looks FLAWLESS as soon as they step into it.

Is it magic? Makeup? Glam squad power? No. It's Photoshop. DUH!

The MirMir photo booth is a prestige booth for hire that will cost you a cool $2750 for four hours, plus more if you want the option of making a GIF (who wouldn't really?)

Sop whyyyyyy so expenny??

This photo booth has two staff members work it while YOU werk it.


They'll take a series of pics when you're at your most 'natural', then there's a top-secret retouching process before any are printed.

Ugh, celebs get everything cool. At least we know they aren't that ~perf~ IRL.