The Vamps’ James McVey hits back at the media for bullying him over the dumbest thing

This is actually disgraceful!

By Matt Galea
The Vamps’ James McVey was bullied by the media for acne

These days, it feels like people will find any old reason to shame someone.

There’s body shaming, slut shaming, period shaming and here’s a new one… acne shaming.

Uh, yeah, apparently that’s a thing now…

The Vamps’ guitarist, James McVey recently became a victim of this ridiculous form of bullying as a newspaper picked on him for his acne.

Well, the 22-year-old wasn’t having a bar of this and he took to Twitter to hit back at the unnamed bullies.

“Someone has two spots and suddenly it’s an ‘acne outbreak’ making world news?” he wrote. “Give me (and her) a break. 85% of us have acne at some point.”

“Acne makes us NORMAL and shouldn’t be condemned by press,” he added.

What the heck is this world coming to!?

You’d think that this was just a ridic isolated incident, but apparently not!

James has previously spoken out about his struggle with acne on Instagram, sharing a close-up image of his face and encouraging his followers to never be ashamed.

"Never be afraid to accept and embrace imperfections; the road to absolute acceptance is stitched with the lessons and set backs facing you ahead,” he candidly wrote.

"Nothing or nobody can lead you to this enlightenment- it is your task, and yours alone. We all have scars, those dark memories that torment us, yet it's not about forgetting them; it's about recognising that these scars are what constitutes your very being, what makes you who you are today. Never forget, simply acknowledge that others are experiencing this transition with you, and it's down to you to help those who are struggling. My name is James and I have acne. What's your name?”

Considering just about everyone gets acne, we think it’s ~amazing~ that James is spreading acceptance for this NORMAL bodily issue.

Shame on the peeps that made fun of him.