There's something really scary about The Weeknd

Selena really needs to know this!

By Matt Galea
There's something really scary about The Weeknd

Warning: This article contains some pretty damn freaky deaky stuff that may scare the feck outta people.

As y'all know, The Weeknd went public about his relationship with 'Hands to Myself' singer Selena Gomez a few weeks ago. Ever since then, the pair have been totally inseparable.

They've done everything together from cute dates to a couple vacay in Italy.

But we've just found out some goss about Abel's past that is scaring the crap outta us!

J-14 have reported that the house The Weeknd rented in the Hollywood Hills is ~haunted~.

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The 'Starboy' singer has spoken out about the things that go bump in the night at his gorj but terrifying residence.

"I've had sleep paralysis. I hear voices sometimes," he claims.

"I heard the Hills are over Indian burial ground. But maybe it's just the wind."

Abel, bae, if you're reading this: we recommend you call a priest ASAP to sort that stuff out.

We can't have our girl, Kween Seleen(a) being possessed by any spirits.

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